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This ship is one of the objects I worked on for the upcoming 3D Ultra MiniGolf 2 by Sierra/Dynamix. I worked for Computoons® who was subcontracted to work on several of the golf holes. I worked with Vince Backeberg who was building, animating and texturing on other scenes for the project. Chuck Carden also worked on this project, supplying modeling and animation as well as effects and atmospherics. This ship was provided by Dynamix and consisted of 245 objects making up 258,000+ polygons! It took 8 hours to texture, with occasional jumps back and forth to Photoshop.

Here is a closer view of the ship. I used relatively few maps that I had made ahead of time. Through the use of tiling textures and planar, cylindrical and cubic mapping techniques, I was able to get through the parts fairly easily and quickly. The structure you see amidships was constructed to be the tee area for this golf hole. I had to boolean a cutout in the starboard side to facilitate this. This model came without the sails, so I had to model those to be furled and with sail gaskets holding them to the spars. Thank goodness for procedural materials, as these were a godsend for some of the metallic parts and lots of the rigging!

This is a tank modeled and textured for an, as yet unnamed, project for Computoons®. These will be pretty small in the final render, so I didn't have to worry about making the treads work. The texture and bump map for the treads is made from an image of a roll-up type garage door. Other maps came from a library of sci-fi machinery images and scans of dumpsters.



This is the Listening Post or radar installation. The animation for this consists of the building emerging from the bunker (corner to corner diagonally). Then the pods with the radar surfaces will extend from the sides of the building and then all will be able to rotate to face any direction.

This is a WarBug for the game. This was built using splines and then laying a polygon surface over it. The modeling took about 4 hours. Obviously, this is the version before any textures were applied.

Here he is after the textures are applied and the legs were beefed up a little. He now has some little playmates, also!

This is a Cannon that will be mounted to the top of a building and used to launch the pinball into the playfield.


This drop ship is still in the preliminary stages. It was modeled and mapped over several days in 3DS Max. The cargo container hasn't been mapped at all, yet. There are lots of running light and spotlights to be taken care of, too.

Same ship, aft view. This was an exercise in all kinds of polygon modeling techniques. It involved splines and patches with a poly overlay, there was lofting, it took booleans to achieve some shapes and also the ever-popular lathing and extrusion of splines and edges.

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