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3D Modeling, Graphics and Animation Production.

Here at DC Graphics we've been creating graphics and animation since the late '80's. Most of that started with the availability of desktop graphics machines like the Commodore Amiga putting creative power in the hands of everyone. We've come a long way since then with that platform's demise and the advent of PC's horsepower increasing year by year. We've used about 6 different 3D packages but have been a 3DS Max house since that software came out around 1996. Whether it's a logo design or a complete 15 minute 3D animation describing a marine salvage operation, we have the reputation of always delivering on time and on budget. In addition, most of my clients have been from all parts of the country, not just the Portland/Vancouver area, where I'm located. It's satisfying to know that people trust your work ethic enough to work for them remotely and deliver what you say you will and then to have a check show up from a client you've never met face to face. All about the trust. Some of the tools used here in addition to the previously mentioned 3D app, is the Adobe Master Suite of products to complete projects.

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