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My name is Dennis Clevenger, a computer artist/animator living in Vancouver, Washington, USA. I have been involved in digital art since 1979. Things have come a long way since then!  The tools have become more accessible and easier to use as well as the hardware has evolved magnitudes in power.  With all the tools available, you still need someone who can deliver your product on-time and on-budget, in a professional and reliable manner.  That's where the experience here at DC Graphics comes into play, whether you're a client here in town or you're located thousands of miles away, you'll still receive the same dependable service.

If there is a style or type of project you have in mind but don't see anything like it in my samples, please write or call and ask.  I can't post samples of every project because sometimes clients are sensitive to released images of their products before they announce a product or service availability.  Also, sometimes bandwidth and web storage limitations determine what gets posted here.  For instance, recently I've worked on some architectural fly-throughs, but the size of such a file is prohibitive to upload, even at 320x240.  You can see a chronology of projects listed below.



Web site creation
Here are a few of the sites I've created:
Southwest Washington Gold Prospectors (http://swwgoldprospectors.org/index.htm)
Cinderella in Paradise Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services
Fort Vancouver Good Sams  (http://www.fortvancouvergoodsams.com)
Solid Steel Industries     (http://www.solidsteel.biz/)
Olson Bros. Tire Factory    (http://www.olsonbroserv.com/)
John Legry Productions      (http://www.johnlegry.com/)
D&L Pallet Jacks Service      (http://www.dljacks.com/)
Some older inactive sites.

Embedded Designs, Inc. (http://www.kicthermal.com/)
5/99-2018. 3D modeling and animation showing technical procedures of machine operation targeted toward new operators with multi-cultural backgrounds (localization).   Procedures showing processes concise enough to eliminate the need for text or verbal translation for international customers.  I've created 100+ animations and graphics for this project.  This is an ongoing project creating graphics and animations for the Marketing and R&D departments in addition to some video, green screen work and audio.

Reality Engineering (http://www.realityengineering.com)
Over several years I've delivered graphics for uses such as architectural fly-throughs, medical animation, full screen training animations as well as 3D objects and animations rendered in Flash format for training materials.

Game projects (plus box art) with detailed descriptions listed here!

3D-Ultra Thrill Ride (Computoons®)(Sierra/Dynamix.)
1/00-2/00. 3D modeling, texturing, animation as well as special effects on several models for use in this Theme Park based Pinball Game.

3D-Ultra Lionel TrainTown (Computoons®)(Sierra/Dynamix.)
2/99-3/99. 3D modeling and texturing of 30+ architectural models.

3D-Ultra NFL® Pinball (Computoons®)(Sierra/Dynamix.)
1/99-2/99. Texture painting and mapping.

3D-Ultra NASCAR® Pinball (Computoons®)(Sierra/Dynamix.)
5/98-7/98. 3D modeling and animation. Also, texture painting.  I also created a Windows "Theme Pack" based on this product.

3D-Ultra Mini-Golf Deluxe (Computoons®)(Sierra/Dynamix.)
1/98-3/98. 3D modeling and animation. Also, texture painting and application.

3D-Ultra Pinball, The Lost Continent (Computoons®)(Sierra/Dynamix.)
3/97-5/97. 2D effects painting and animation. Also, map painting and application in 3DS Max.

3D-Ultra Mini-Golf (Sierra/Dynamix.)
12/96-1/97. Modeled and mapped several scenes and objects for game project using 3D Studio Max.

Continuums (Hash, Inc.)
8/96-9/96. Modeled and mapped several scenes and objects for prototype project.

Realms (Hash, Inc.)
7/96-8/96. Creating low poly-count characters/avatars and objects for use in real-time online game engine.

Where Do the Birds Go? (Hash, Inc.)
2/96-7/96. Created 3D objects and effects for children's video.

Hunter Hunted (Sierra/Dynamix)
3/96-6/96 I created 24 different animations of various machines for use in tileable (256x256) background elements. All were constructed in 3D using Animation Master (Hash, Inc.) based on design specs provided by art director.

Telepresence (Hash, Inc./Telepresence, Inc.)
1/95-2/96 For this full length motion picture I was one of a team of 3 primary animators creating all 3D and 2D CGI elements and special effects for 22 minutes of a 90+ minute film.

Trophy Bass (Sierra/Dynamix)
For this product I created tileable textures for photorealistic background art.

Why Does the Wind Blow ? (Hash, Inc.)
I modeled more that 80 3D objects using Animation Master (Hash, Inc.) for use in this Video/Book/CD-ROM.  Also animated and directed selected scenes of production.

The Incredible Machine I, II & III (Sierra/Dynamix)
I created art and animation for this product. Version II also involved converting from the original 4 bit art to 8 bit.

Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science (Sierra/Dynamix)
I completed 26 screens of cleanup of scans and then created all animations for those screens.

Putt Putt Joins the Parade (Humongous Entertainment)
Ambient animation, flower dancing, flowers kissing, bird/worm, car animations, etc.

Conan the Cimmerian (Virgin Games)
Twelve characters with all animated moves for walks, defense, offense, death, etc.

Fast Eddie's Pool & Billiards (OXXI/Aegis)
Title screen, interface design, opening screen, and animated ball sequences.

Centurion: Defender of Rome (Electronic Arts)
I created art and animation for all arcade sequences




Position: Artist / Animator / 3d Generalist

Freelance and Contract Work, 7/88-Present. Have worked with software companies, providing graphics and animation for productivity and entertainment programs. Clients include Sierra-Online/Dynamix, Virgin MasterTronic, Aegis/OXXI, PAR Software, Humongous Entertainment, Cineplay Interactive, Hash, Inc., Azeroth Publishing, Computoons® & Synergistic Software as well as others.  I have also provided local video production facilities with graphics and animations. Some are Creative Media Development, Media Resources, Inc., Photo-Video Productions and York Studios.

Other clients include Oregon Health & Sciences University, Source Automotive, Smarty Resource, Ballard Diving & Salvage, Global Diving & Salvage, Reality Engineering, CDG Interactive, KIC Thermal, Orizon Multimedia, Multnomah County, Jantzen Swimwear, U.S. Forest Service, Hewlett-Packard, Esco Steel, Hanna-Sherman International, Freeman & Son Hay Machinery, Geo. A. Morlan Plumbing, Southwest Washington Medical Center and Funtastic Traveling Shows.

Magaurn Video Productions, 1933 NW 27th Ave., Portland, OR 97210
5/90-3/92 Artist / Animator. Provided graphics and animation in both pre and post-production situations. Experienced in 2-D & 3-D animation from concept to completion. Also worked as production assistant for studio and location shoots.

Summary of Functional Experience:
Artistic ability in a variety of mediums. Primarily digital since 1986.
Video production in a full service studio.
Experienced with Adobe CS5 Products.
Experience with several 3-D packages, primarily 3D Studio Max.
30+ years experience with PC's, graphic computers and BASIC programming.
13 yrs. experience as a Photo Lithographer.
Freelance design, website creation, composition, flyers and catalogs.
Sign painting and lettering.
Construction of PC's, networking, maintenance and repair.

Member of Visual Communication Advisory Board for Evergreen School District. 1995-2014
Participant in Mt. Hood Festival of Computer Art 1990 through '96. Best of Show 1992. Judge 1996 & 1998.
Guest lecturer on Computer Graphics and 3-D, Clark College, Vancouver, WA. 1990-1996
Aegis Desktop Video Contest Winner.

Honorable Discharge from US Navy, Operations Specialist, Petty Officer Third Class

Some of the tools


3DS Max


After Effects

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