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Recent work

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This video was produced by me for Oregon Health & Sciences University at the request of my surgeon. This procedure was performed on me October 8, 2015 for Esophageal Cancer. More info about this HERE. 28 month CT scan shows no evidence of disease. Woo Hoo!
In this video I created all animated sequences during May 2011. I was hired by Ballard Diving and Salvage to accomplish this using 3DS Max 2011, After Effects CS5 and Premiere Pro CS5. All source frames were rendered out and delivered to the client in HD 1080p resolution.


I needed some WWII Liberty ship footage in 1080p HD resolution for a project I was working on. Since no HD footage exists, I created and rendered this scene in 3D Studio Max. Some post process work like "old film look", frame-rate tweaks and smoke were added using After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5. This web version is scaled down to about 25%.






Older work


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